Award Winning Navajo Silversmith since 1982 

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Bruce passed away on October 1, 2018. 

Swinging easily from Navajo revival patterns to contemporary pieces,  L. Bruce Hodgins creates one of a kind jewelry now in collections all over the world.

Becoming bored using the expected turquoise in jewelry, Hodgins incorporates exotic stone in his three dimensional concept jewelry. Known especially for his bola ties, large bracelets, and pendants with handmade chains, Bruce has broken the barrier between craft and fine art.

Bruce invites commissions and special projects by selection.


LBH Hallmark
A hallmark is a symbol, initial, or signature that is written, stamped or carved into
the back of a work of art. Bruce stamps his LBH hallmark into the back of
every piece of art he crafts.

Many Native jewelers adopted this system in the mid-1950s when Indian jewelry first became popular.  Navajo silversmiths like Bruce use hallmarks to help sell their jewelry to galleries and stores. Today many stores frown upon non - hallmarked items. Many artisans have faithful collectors and fans and the hallmarks are most appreciated by the artisans’ patrons. When you procure a piece of Hodgins' art, you will see the LBH hallmark. This ensures the integrity of the work. 

Bruce is certified through the U.S. Department of the Interior Indian Arts and Craft Board.    

          Bruce is an Artist Member and Wholesale Member of the Indian Arts and Craft  Association.       

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